6 October 2021

Cardio-Oncology: Ignore at your own peril

Cardiooncology Clinical

Many patients who survive cancer go on to face a different battle and that’s with their cardiovascular health. 

The field of cardio-oncology is filled with professionals who are trying to address some of these issues right at the start before patients undergo cancer therapy.

But they get a little bit of pushback sometimes from oncologists and other doctors who question whether it’s really their place to be there. 

As the data keeps rolling in, it is becoming quite apparent that there is a place for cardiologists, particularly for patients who are undergoing radiation therapy.

(Radiation therapy has long been known to raise the risk of CVD.)

This episode, we interview Dr Daniel Cehic, a cardiologist and the head of CardioOncology at GenesisCare, on the latest recommendations.

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